Five reasons to own a lemon tree

1. All the Vitamin C Lemons are naturally high in vitamin C, which can have many health benefits, from improving skin tone, to helping boosting your immune system, and even reducing the chances of developing asthma. 2. The fruit is anti-bacterial Lemons contain pectin fibre, which is a natural anti-bacterial. Have hot water mixed with […]

Cherry Tree Harvests

July is the month for harvesting your cherry trees! How to harvest your berries will depend on whether you have sour or sweet fruit. Sour cherries should come off their stems of their own accord when they are fully ripe, whereas the sweet variety will need to be tasted. Its a tough job, but someone […]

Plants care needs: What makes them grow?

We meet plants at least once every day in our lives, but do we know what makes plants grow and how they grow? In order to grow a plant needs water, air, light, space, time, temperature and nutrients. Air & Soil Clean, fresh air and healthy soil can really help a plant flourish. By surrounding […]

Students going green in Colorado!

Do you know where the food in your canteen or cafeteria comes from? No? Well the students at Sopris Elementary School in Colorado do. Do you want to know how? They grow it themselves! Some final year students, from the school, invited the local Mayor, Bruce Christensen, to lunch in a bid to make school […]

January fundamental tasks for your Garden Plants

January is a very cold month as we are on the  middle of the winter. For all of us January is the month to start a new period of life with a lot of new objectives. Why not start the 2016 taking more care about your garden and cultive a beautiful Garden Plants on it? […]

Some Ideas to Design Small Garden

The most important and essential to create a wonderful garden is to have harmony and concordance on it, arrive to create a place to relax, calm or have an enjoyable meal with your friends. Try that your garden has unique and miscellaneous style, be different! If you want to design a comfortable garden you must […]

Autumn Garden Jobs

Autumn is on the way, here is a list of jobs to be done in your garden in autumn by experts at Garden Plants Online.