Five Unusual Uses of Lemon Trees

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When life throws you lemons, make lemonade goes the famous proverb. So lemons aren’t just meant for just salads and sangria!! While the lovely lemon is a staple kitchen ingredient, lemon trees also have some really unusual uses!

Here are our Top Five fascinating uses of lemon trees:

  • Natural refreshing scent

  • Having a lemon tree in your garden is a wonderful way to get some completely natural and energizing fragrance into your immediate environment!

  • The word lemon conjures up images of vivid green and yellow fruit and a strong, refreshing smell. Research has discovered that the scent is produced by a series of minute oil glands on the rind of lemons!

  • Eliminate bad odours from garbage, countertops and so on by using lemon peels!

  • DIY enthusiasts also recommend the use of lemons in boiling water to get rid of strong paint fumes

  • So why waste money on chemically formulated room sprays when a natural refresher is so easily available?


  • Home makeover – Add vibrancy and colour

A quick summer home makeover need not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket! Make your home look bright and summery with something unusual how about a bright lemon tree? Add zing to the setting with a few brightly coloured cushions and throws and you are all set to enjoy whatever is left of the English summer! Who knows perhaps the gorgeous green and yellow colours will enhance your spirits even without that drink ;-)!


  • Reliable in-house doctor and beautician!

Believe it or not, your lemon tree could be your local doctor and beautician! Lemons are known to possess excellent antibacterial properties, aid immunity and help fight infection. Lemon and honey is a famous home remedy for sore throats! In addition, lemons are a bleaching agent that can be used to reduce the effects of a sun tan or even your hair colour!


  • The Natural Disinfectant

Your lemon tree could provide you with huge supplies of natural disinfectant, cleaner and sanitizer! Apart from eliminating grease from dirty dishes, lemon juice could also be used to destroy harmful weeds, clean home surfaces and more! Lemon juice can be used to spruce up anything right from white clothes to furniture!


  • Drive cats away!

This may not go down well with cat-lovers, but it is believed that strong citrus smell drives cats away. Therefore for those of you who want your neighbours cat to steer clear of your yard, try growing a lemon tree! And if you cant then perhaps try placing lemon peels outside or around your home!

How to get your lemon tree

Growing a lemon tree is really easy, even for a non-gardener! It is low on maintenance and can grow in any temperature as long as it is properly watered.

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