How to Care for Bonsai Plants

For many years Bonsai plants have been cultivated by Japanese and Chinese people to bring harmony and nature to the home. Recently this trend started in the western part of the world and it is very popular in Europe.

Tips to care Bonsai Plants:

Bonsai plants need humidity and when it has been planted inside the atmosphere is often too dry. To create an ideal condition, mist the foliage daily and keep the tree standing on a humidity tray. the tray should be filled with gravel which is kept moist, the bonsai pot should not be standing on water. Do not keep the bonsai plant near any heat producing source as it will just make it dry.

Check the bonsai plant daily and water it, as soon as the soil starts to become dry.

Fertilize the plants every 7-10 days during the growing period (April to October), do not feed a tree in flower. If you have re-potted the bonsai plant wait for 4-5 weeks before adding fertilizers.

Maintaining the bonsai plant can be carried out in two ways:

Leaf-Pruning: Use bonsai pruning scissors or leaf.

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