Some Ideas to Design Small Garden

The most important and essential to create a wonderful garden is to have harmony and concordance on it, arrive to create a place to relax, calm or have an enjoyable meal with your friends. Try that your garden has unique and miscellaneous style, be different!

If you want to design a comfortable garden you must choose plants and spaces that require a minimum maintenance. Use conifers that are easy to take care only these ones that need pruning once a year instead of every month. Informal trees are beautiful as well and you have the advantage that can give some fruits and flowers.

It’s a good idea to have in the garden a hidden corner for contemplation, relax, sleep, meditate and forget about everything. Ornaments in the garden have an important role you can add some sculptures to decorate the space and achieving an unimaginable space that will seem that you are in another planet.

Moreover you can install a small pond, a waterfall or fountain creating a refreshing atmosphere and the sound of water it produces serenity and relaxation.

The outdoor furniture for our small garden must be simple, convenient and practical, so that we feel as well as within inside our home.

Is convenient changing the plants according to the season and weather, you must know the color of the flowers and when the plants are more beauteous.

Also you can take advantage of the imaginary skills of your children helping us to choose the best flowers, Garden Plants according with the style of your home, at the same time you can expend a wonderful weekend on family. You can use a corner in the garden to introduce to them in the world of the gardening. They can plant sunflower seeds or other varieties.

An essential element that will help us get spaciousness effect is lighting. You can put some lighting in the garden to illuminate your artwork overnight.

Study all the areas of your garden if they are sun or shade to decide what to plant in each place. Normally flowers need six hours of sunshine per day study the need of each to decide which one is more convenient for your garden.

Aromatic plants are easy to take care of, are beautiful with pleasant odors and you can use for your cooking.



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