Cypress Tree Comes Back From The Dead!

I’ve not known many people that have risen from the dead! Actually not even one. Fascinating then, that
something that was believed to have disappeared 50000 years ago just rose from the dead!!! Yes, this
gorgeous underwater Cypress forest has just been discovered by Scuba divers – apparently they still smell
fresh when cut! Wondering how that is even possible?

Well, brace yourself for some fascinating facts about the Cypress:

Cypress is infact one of the oldest living trees on earth, some live for around 1400 years (and now
ofcourse the Bald Cypress has beaten all records!)

Some fast-growing cypress trees can grow at the rate of 3-4 inches per month, potentially giving you an 8-foot tree in just 2 years!

Cypress is the symbol of Artemis, the Greek God of environment, hunting and fertility

Tolerant to most water and weather conditions, Cupressus can be grown anywhere right from
deserts to marshlands and even right in your back garden

Naturally resists decay, does not require much pruning and is very hardy
Well, now that makes us think that if any tree could survive 50000 years under the sea, it had to be the

The Cypress is a really popular tree in the UK… perhaps people love its beauty and elegance.. or perhaps they just want to leave behind a beautiful gift that their great-grandchildren will someday discover!!

Exotic as it sounds, it is actually very easy to buy and maintain a cypress tree or shrub. It comes in different
beautiful varieties and sizes and costs just around 40. You can have it delivered right at your doorstep.
Fifty thousand years might be tad too long but under normal circumstances it should last you a lifetime!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to buy a gorgeous Cypress.

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