January fundamental tasks for your Garden Plants

January is a very cold month as we are on the  middle of the winter. For all of us January is the month to start a new period of life with a lot of new objectives.

Why not start the 2016 taking more care about your garden and cultive a beautiful Garden Plants on it?

We understand the last thing that you are thinking to do is going outside a normal day snowing with a temperature minus 0 and with the darkness of the short days it can be very hard. If you want to take pleasure in your garden and enjoy the rest of the year you must do this effort. It will be more easy stay at home lying on the couch with a blanket and watching a movie. But remember if you want to achieve your goals and our garden produce beautiful results in spring you have to be consistent and work hard.

Basically January tasks you should not neglect are those of maintenance, such as pruning and planting new plants.

General information

  • If it not freezes you must irrigate regularly fences especially this one’s with evergreens.
  • After a huge snowing is recommendable take out the snow of bushes, especially of the conifers to avoid that branches will break.
  • The month of January is ideal to put on anti-pest on trees and with that avoid pests.
  • Avoid and remove the leaves of Autumn around plants of early flower.
  • The most important start to think what you want to plant to your garden and how you want that looks like next season. January you can plant trees and deciduous shrubs but as long as the ground is not cold or wet. You can also plant seasonal flowering plants.
  • We should never prune plants that bloom in winter, flower production could be affected and it is always recommendable to prune after flowering.
  • In very cold areas, where there are frequent frosts, it is recommended to postpone pruning until winter is over, as wetness could penetrate and damage the plant.
  • Compost the yew-tree, boxwood, holly.
  • Is recommendable put a little bit more of turf on hydrangeas.
  • It is time to plan our plantings for the arrival of the spring that is the season that flowers start to flourish. Remember it is the ideal time to plant fruit trees and roses.
  • The cold causes hardening of the substrate, is important keep fluff and padding with pine bark to prevent is compacted.

Remember the first month of the year is very important to make your garden look perfect when spring arrives.

An old proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”



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