5 Tips On Taking Care of a Lemon Tree


Lemon trees are just any beautiful addition to your garden or even in houseplants. Lemon tree is one of the favourite plants from all the plant lovers and it always has a special place in the garden. Lemon tree is liked because of its tasty fruit and also it has nice fragrance if placed inside the house.

Tips for taking Care of Lemon Tree:

  • Lemon trees (Citrus Trees) are not very big water lovers, so you do not need to water the plant every day. Lemon tree roots has the tendency to get rot if constantly left wet so water the plant when the soil starts to get dry that can be easily judged by the fingers.
  • Lemon plants need lots of sun so make sure they get plenty amount of direct sunlight and if placed inside put them near to window so that they get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.
  • If you are placing your lemon tree inside the house so make sure you pot them into dark pot as lemon trees like to be warm around and a dark pot will attract heat and will keep the roots warm.
  • Pot the plant in a 2 inches wider pot than its roots, lemon trees do not mind to be root bound. Re-pot the plant when roots are too bound.
  • Use fertilizers which is rich in Nitrogen and Potassium not with Phosphorus. Use fertilizers which are made for lemon trees as they are usually close to the ideal composition of the 5-1-3. Divide the amount of fertilizers you want to add to your lemon plant into equal and constant diets with water that will help your lemon plant to get proper and regular nutrients.

So by following the above described caring tips you should have your healthy and beautiful lemon tree.

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