The best time of year to buy and plant conifer trees

If your planting a couple of Conifer trees in a row make sure you space them out, bearing in mind.

When planting a Conifer tree, the best time of year would be in the autumn as its cooler, meaning the soil would be warm, but not hot or cold, trees tend to take to damp wet soil conditions, but Conifers may need to be planted in somewhat special conditions.

Conifer trees are slightly more complicated than other Garden Plants, so picking any old spot just wont do, the tree may grow but will not reach its full potential.

When it comes to planting Conifer trees, make sure you use a good planting soil with good nutrients, water the soil to moisten it up, as Conifers need to be planted in a rich moist soil base to enable the best chance of growth.

Always pick a good area that gets plenty of sunlight, Conifer trees needs the sun to be able to grow to its full height and potential, if you fail to position the tree in the right place you may notice your trees not doing so well and may not reach full maturity.

You can plant conifer trees in the autumn or spring but I would always suggest the autumn, if you plant your Conifer tree in the autumn it has the whole winter season to set its roots in the ground, so by the spring time your Conifer will be fully set in the soil and be ready to start sprouting upwards.

Always make sure the hole you dig and plant your Conifer tree in, are big enough and deep enough to conceal all the roots, the roots should be very moist before you plant the tree as dry roots could lead to your tree not growing to its full height.

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