Autumn Garden Jobs

Autumn Garden Jobs

September has arrived and we all have some time left to enjoy the remaining summer before it officially goes away for almost seven months. As we all have things to do in autumn in the same way our plants and garden also need to prepared for the fall. In the garden there is always something to do whether its is pruning, swoing, tidying or just normal watering and fertilizing.?So here at Garden Plants Online our experts decided to write this guide to educate all gardening lovers about the jobs they need to do in their garden to make sure their plants are ready for the autumn.

Autumn Garden jobs:

  • In autumn soil is still warm so it is still a good time for you to plant new one, as autumn will bring plenty of rain along. Usually shrubs like Hydrangea Macrophylla Mophead ‘Maman Blue’and bare rooted plants.
  • If you have a vegetable garden then keep harvesting the vegetables and store them so that they can be used later.
  • It is also a perfect time to start planting the seeds for your winter plants, so that you have colorful winter garden.
  • Keep looking for diseases, warm days of summer might have left diseases in your plants like black spots on rose leaves. Pick out the affected leaves quickly and now the weather is not that hot so you do not need to water the plants too much.
  • Do not forget pot and hanging basket plants, they also need to be prepared for the autumn.

So the above discussed steps are the most important autumn garden to make sure your garden is fully prepared for the winters.

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Written by Greg Chick

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