Top 22 Halloween Plants

Top 22 Halloween Plants

Does the imagination have a limit? If you look at the following images, the answer has to be no!

Here are some of the plants that people design during the Halloween holidays. You can take some ideas from them in order to decorate your own house!

1. I like to call this one Spike.

2. Now that’s a tongue twister.

3. Need a hand?

4. Do Yew Beleaf in the Tree Monsters?

5. There’s really not Mushroom at this Party.

6. What a great skullpture.

7. I’m really struggling to think of a bonefide humerus joke here. Meanwhile, he’s got nobody to dance with.

8. Why are they all skulking around this tree?

9. Can you believe we met on the web?

10. Eye’ve got my eye on you.

11. Don’t turnip your nose at this one.

12. Did you invite them? No, I think they heard by word of mouth.

13. Going to the dentist can be very full-filling.

14. You’d have a stupid smile too if you’d had your brains scooped out…

15. Now that’s a Dead Ringer.

16. Not exactly tongue in cheek now, is it?

17. Looks like the one at the top has hedge-mony.

18. Looks like we’ve found the root of the problem.

19. How to mend a broken pumpkin – use a pumpkin patch.

20. Coming next Halloween – The Intravenous Fly Trap!

21. Found these in a second hand store.

22. Should have really quit while you were ahead.

Five Fantastic Benefits of our Garden Irrigation Systems

Five Fantastic Benefits of our Garden Irrigation Systems
Do you love your garden, and enjoy keeping it beautiful and healthy? We thoroughly enjoy the look of a lush green and well-maintained garden. Now the most important aspect of keeping your garden beautiful is of course, Irrigation. Whether you have a little patio garden or a large garden, you are perhaps looking for a solution that would take care of your garden and also pay attention to judicious water consumption!

Well, look no further! We have a brand new range of garden irrigation systems to suit your individual requirement.

Basically, we have three categories of irrigation systems:



Drip irrigation

Whilst all our products are of superior quality, here are Five Fantastic benefits:

Unique Irrigation Design Service to ensure that the system is tailor-made to suit your requirements

Two-way timer (to create different irrigation zones) and single timer facility

Ease of operation as simple as turning a tap on!

Optimised water usage (eg, drip irrigation vis-a-vis traditional hose pipe)

Reputed brand We have teamed up with Claber to offer you superior smart irrigation solutions

To place your order online, please check here to check our range of irrigation solutions.

The Best Place to Buy Trees Online

Trees have a way of making the atmosphere more serene and peaceful. So not only do they add beauty and ambiance to your surroundings, they encourage a more positive mood. They make wonderful accessories for the home and office and now its even easier to find the tree of your choice as you can buy trees online.

There are many different types of trees out there. Some are indigenous to specific countries and some trees can grow anywhere in the world. There are common trees like palms that you see in public areas like parks, and then there are exotic ones like Dasylirion Serratifolium, which produce many different colors of flowers. Exotic trees are only found in certain locations and some of them only bloom at certain times of the year.

No matter what your tastes are, you are guaranteed to find a tree that you like when you buy a tree online. Most people use small trees to decorate the interior of their home and brighten up the atmosphere. According to research, sick patients who had a view of trees from their hospital window showed signs of recovering quicker than those who didn’t. This proves that trees have a positive effect on human beings and their surroundings.

Before you buy trees online, you will be able to get a list of all the ones available and their prices. Another valuable bit of information is the care instructions that are provided on the website. This way you can decide which tree is right for you depending on how much care it needs. If you work full time, you can find one to suit your needs. On the other hand if you are an avid gardener who is at home all day, there is plenty to choose from.

It doesn’t matter what type of tree you are looking for and why you need it, when you buy trees online, it makes the whole process so much easier and more enjoyable.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs offer more than just ornamental beauty, they also offer privacy, and depending on what type you get, they can also offer fruit and beautiful fragrant flowers. Many homeowners in suburban areas plant trees & shrubs as a way to separate themselves from their neighbours.

When you look for trees and shrubs for sale, you will have to take into consideration your climate, or zone. There are certain trees and shrubs that do better in warmer climates and some that can withstand some cooler weather.

For example, if you live in northern areas of the U.K. such as Scotland and the Highlands, then you can choose Oak, Ash, or Maple trees. If you want fruit varieties, choose from apple, pear, peach or cherry. If you live in the south like London and the home counties, then you can choose trees and shrubs such as orange, lemon or lime trees.

Once you know your hardiness zone, you’ll have to consider what type of gardener you are. Do you want to plant trees & shrubs that are maintenance free? Or do you find raking, weeding and pruning a relaxing activity? When you’re searching for trees and shrubs for sale, be sure to find out what kind of care they need.

Shrubs can bear fruit as well, such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Each year they will spread and you will get more fruit. Imagine being able to pick your own produce from your trees and shrubs in your backyard. If you live in a climate that experiences cold winters, you will want to wrap your trees & shrubs in burlap in order to protect them from the elements.

You can visit your local nursery to look at trees and shrubs for sale; they will have a selection of products that are compatible with your zone. For more information on Trees and Shrubs, please browse through our website or call us on 0203 051 1214.

How We Work

Our plants are grown and cared for in English and Italian garden nurseries.

We deliver plants to anywhere in the UK, our plants are also available for collection from our Surrey nursery by appointment.

We supply to designers and garden centres too so, if you’re a business, get in touch and we’ll find plants to suit your specific requirements.

Welcome to Garden Plants Online

Welcome to Garden Plants Online.

Our online garden centre is committed to offering a massive selection of garden plants.

Based in London, we have a wide range for sale including bonsai trees, fruit trees, exotic plants, conifers, bamboos, palm trees, topiary, forms, flowers and many many more.

Garden Plants Online

Garden Plants Online

There are a lot of plant and trees lovers out there. People who enjoy growing, nurturing and caring for Garden Plants are usually very relaxed and peaceful people. Many people buy Garden Plants Online as it offers the convenience of time. Plants have many benefits and have a positive impact on any environment that they are placed in.

More and more companies are starting to implement more greenery in their offices as they are seeing the positive impact they are having on their staff. A study that carried out recently and also published in Rehabilitation Literature stated that a particular company started buying Garden Plants Online and made sure that all their employees were within 45 feet of the greenery. The effect was that the staff was amazingly more creative and productive than before. This has proved that Garden Plants improve morale as well as health in humans.

Studies carried out by NASA showed that some Garden Plants have the ability to extract or absorb most harmful toxins from the air, leaving only healthy, good air circulating. So if you want a healthier and happier environment, it is suggested that you fill your home with beautiful and purifying plants. This makes sense as most people spend a large part of their days indoors, whether it is at home or the office.

The fact that Garden Plants act as a natural humidifier is another bonus for human beings. The benefit of humidity in the air is widely underestimated. When the humidity levels are too low, you can easily get viral infections and when it is very high, there are other risks. This is why it is vital to have Garden Plants in your home as they regulate the humidity level until it is just right for healthy living.

The next time you search for Garden Plants for sale online, be sure to find out about the health benefits associated with each plant. Garden Plants sold online on our website include all the information you need to make the correct choice.

Garden Shrubs and Plants for sale

Garden Shrubs and Plants for sale

The selections of garden plants that are available are as diverse and unique as the gardener. There is no limit to the amount of color, size, style and design that comes with garden shrubs and plants. Whether you want small, low stem flowers like forget-me-nots, or high stem varieties like sunflowers, you’ll find shrubs and plants that suit your tastes.

Garden shrubs can be purchased strictly for decorative looks, or to produce fresh fruit. Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries grow very well in almost any climate and offer green foliage, as well as fresh, juicy fruit.

When you are designing your garden, think about where you’re going to place your shrubs and plants. Keep in mind that some spread and can take over your entire garden within a few years! A few examples are hostas, lilies and daffodils. At some point you may have to split the plant and find a new place for it.

Garden shrubs and plants require varying degrees of maintenance, so you’ll need to keep this in mind as well when you’re choosing your garden plants. Decide whether you want something that can go for a few days without water, or are you going to have to go out with your garden hose twice a day.

Many people find gardening relaxing and calming. Garden shrubs and plants offer a great way to relax on a Saturday afternoon. Weeding, pruning and picking fruit is a great stress reliever to some.

Whatever type of shrubs and plants you choose, make sure they fit with your zone. Each area has a hardiness zone, in which certain garden plants will do better than others. For example, you wouldn’t plant a cactus in Yorkshire. Garden shrubs can add value to your home and give you your own peaceful oases in which to live.