Top 22 Halloween Plants

Top 22 Halloween Plants

Does the imagination have a limit? If you look at the following images, the answer has to be no!

Here are some of the plants that people design during the Halloween holidays. You can take some ideas from them in order to decorate your own house!

1. I like to call this one Spike.

2. Now that’s a tongue twister.

3. Need a hand?

4. Do Yew Beleaf in the Tree Monsters?

5. There’s really not Mushroom at this Party.

6. What a great skullpture.

7. I’m really struggling to think of a bonefide humerus joke here. Meanwhile, he’s got nobody to dance with.

8. Why are they all skulking around this tree?

9. Can you believe we met on the web?

10. Eye’ve got my eye on you.

11. Don’t turnip your nose at this one.

12. Did you invite them? No, I think they heard by word of mouth.

13. Going to the dentist can be very full-filling.

14. You’d have a stupid smile too if you’d had your brains scooped out…

15. Now that’s a Dead Ringer.

16. Not exactly tongue in cheek now, is it?

17. Looks like the one at the top has hedge-mony.

18. Looks like we’ve found the root of the problem.

19. How to mend a broken pumpkin – use a pumpkin patch.

20. Coming next Halloween – The Intravenous Fly Trap!

21. Found these in a second hand store.

22. Should have really quit while you were ahead.

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