Growing Semi Arundinaria Yashadake Kimmei

Semi Arundinaria Yashadake Kimmei is a type of bamboo. Bamboo plants are native to China and Japan, but they have successfully been grown in Europe and the Americas for over a hundred years. There are a staggering number of different species of this hardy plant. They grow well in a variety of conditions and soils. There has been a renewed interest in bamboo in large part because of its sustainability.

Bamboo can be used for many different things. It has become a popular choice for flooring, as many people now want to purchase products that are environmentally responsible. There is no destruction of hardwood forests or endangered habitats. In addition to floors it can be used for panelling, blinds, screens, fencing and even surf boards. It is a lightweight and very strong material to work with.

One of the perfect uses for bamboo plants are to create privacy fences. The fast growing vegetation will quickly create a beautiful barrier between properties. It is good for the environment and aesthetically pleasing. The only problem is that some types can become invasive if not managed well. Prospective customers should learn about the maintenance involved in growing a bamboo fence.

With the correct trimming the plants can be trained to grow lower and more dense. This can be perfect to keep animals both in and out of the yard area. It is also an economical way to enclose bigger spaces. Although most varieties of bamboo are green, some will turn to a dark reddish color in the sun.

The kimmei variety is part of the Poaceae family. It is an evergreen type that likes to be planted in full sun areas. It does well on level or sloping terrain and its preferred soil types can range from sandy to clay loams. It is a good choice for hedges as it spreads quickly due to the underground root system.

Some varieties of the timber bamboo can actually grow to be almost fifty feet tall, with stalk diameters around 6 inches. They have the advantage of being fast growing and suitable to be used for many products. They also handle heat and cold well, and are quite drought resistant. Anyone considering these large plants should ensure they have plenty of room to grow and be prepared for some yearly pruning.

The Shibataea variety is part of the genus Phyllostachys. They are great for making hedges and other ornamental features. Most grow to between three and six feet in height. They spread quickly due to their creeping rhizomes roots. One of their most interesting features is their leaves, known as culms. The culms are short and wide, in contrast to most bamboos that have the usual long, thin culms.

Growing Semi Arundinaria Yashadake Kimmei and other bamboos is not too difficult. However, as it is a fairly specialized plant having some basic knowledge is very important. There are many great bamboo centers throughout the country that are more that happy to help their customers. They can advise their clients about the right plant for their needs. Anyone living in the city and needs a short hedge, should not plant one of the giant varieties of this fast growing plant.

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