Olea Europaea (Olive Tree) Tuscany Style

Olea Europaea (Olive Tree) Tuscany Style

olive tree

The word olive derives from Latin olive which is similar to the Greek elaia. Olive tree is an evergreen small tree which belongs to the family of Oleaceae. It is native to Mediterranean Basin, Iraq and northern Iran.


Its fruit is called olive. Olive is of great agricultural importance, especially in the Mediterranean region, as it is the source of olive oil.


The olive tree has been cultivated for its olive fruit, olive oil and also olive leaves. Olive oil is well known for its flavor and also its health benefits. Olive leaf is used as a medicinal plant as its extracts can be used for anti-aging, immunostimulator and antibiotic purposes.


Olive tree needs to be placed in the sunniest position. It doesn’t need too much water. Allow them dry out a bit between watering. It is a quite hardy tree as has incredible cold tolerance. Olive trees are kept outside for the whole season.

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