Pleioblastus Pumilus Makes Very Appealing Ground Cover

Pleioblastus Pumilus may be considered as a small bamboo. It belongs to a dwarf category, with 0,3 to 0,8m. With its appealing dark green upright foliage, it will be a nice addition to your garden. It likes well drained soil and enough water, but it will survive in poorer soils as well. May be kept on balconies, also.

It grows very fast, and spreads all around, if you don’t install a good root barrier. Part shade spots may be good enough for them, but they still prefer to be placed on sun, and they will appreciate if you do this. They make very nice ground cover, and can also be used for embankment.

Pleioblastus Pygmaeus Distichus can be 0,2 to 1m high, and it originates from Japan. Actually, most members of this family originate from Japan. This plant has small, appealing leaves, and also can be used for bordering and ground covering. It prefers moist soil, and it doesn’t really matter if you put it on the sun or in the shade. It’s resistant to low temperatures.

Pygmaeus planted in groups looks especially nice. It also spreads very fast, and it makes it very good for edging borders. This type of bamboo should be cut to the ground level occasionally. This way they will remain green and healthy. You can do it twice a year.

Pleioblastus Shibuyanus, Tsuboii, is 1 to 2m tall, and has very nicely white-dashed leaves. It can be used for designing the low hedge, placed on the sun. It prefers the same kind of soil, moist and well-drained. Very good low temperature resistance is its quality.

Pleioblastus auricomus also came from Japan, but this really is a small plant, only 0,2 to 0,4m tall. Deep, moist soil, partial shade and enough of water will be the perfect environment for this type of bamboo. Nicely shaped leaves are dashed with yellow and gold. It looks very nice planted in small clumps, but it can be used for bordering as well. It should also be cut back to the ground twice a year.

Bamboo doesn’t require too much maintenance. You need an appropriate soil, occasional fertilizing, lots of water and that’s it. Some types need to be pruned to the ground, some don’t, but you may shape them anyway. They are really very resistant, and you can put smaller varieties in pots to decorate your balconies.

They grow fast, and you will soon have beautiful edges in your garden. Keep in mind that some varieties may be extremely tall, and occupy your garden. That’s why you should plan where you will put different types. Root spreading types should have a root barrier installed.

There are three categories of bamboo. Dwarfs are the smallest, up to 1,2m. Medium bamboos are between 1,2 and 3m, and giants can be over 10m, if you take good care of them. Be careful to choose the category that will fit to your garden.

Young plants may require little more attention. Nourish them properly and provide enough water for them, and an appropriate soil, of course. Adults are more resistant, but some types need to be pruned. Give them what they need, and they will transform your garden into a tropical paradise. Pleioblastus Pumilus is a very good choice.

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