Pleioblastus Pumilus Are Ideal Plants For Many Areas Of A Garden

One of the plants that belongs to the dwarf family of bamboo plants is the Pleioblastus Pumilus. These plants prefer areas where they will be positioned in partial or full shade. For healthy growth they like to be planted in soil that is moist, well drained and fertilized. These dwarf plants will only grow to around one meter tall.

These plants with gorgeous green leaves can make an excellent plant for ground cover. They are suitable for growing in smaller spots of the garden. These plants are ideal when quick growth is required and are wonderful for coverage of areas under trees and bushes. These plants are also ideal for growing indoors.

The Pleioblastus Distichus plants have leaves that are a gorgeous green color and are similar in appearance to those of ferns and palm trees. These hardy plants are good for planting beside trees and for areas that require ground cover. They will grow to be healthy plants if they are exposed to the sun or partial shade. Japanese gardens can often be found to be home to these dwarf bamboo plants. They make ideal patio plants when planted in containers and pots.

Pleioblastus Pygmaeus also known as Pygmy bamboo plants have very small green leaves and look similar to Distichus. These plants are popular with people who get enjoyment from bonsai plants. A popular site for these plants is a Japanese garden where they are home alongside other bamboo plants. Beautiful greenery can be added to a garden throughout the year. They can be cut down to ground level and they will grow and produce a gorgeous looking plant the following spring.

One of the species of dwarf bamboo is the Pleioblastus Shibuyanus Tsuboii. This plant has green and white stripey leaves and it is a tropical looking plant. It is often used as an ornamental plant and can be sculpted into a wonderful looking hedge or screen plant. It is an ideal plant for areas that need ground cover plants and for areas that are partially shaded or for areas where there are trees growing, this is a suitable plant for planting under trees and bushes.

The green and purple stems with golden yellow and contrasting green leaves of the Pleioblastus Viridistriata Auricoma are the wonderful colors of this tropical looking plant. Direct sunlight is the position of choice for these plants. A garden can be really brightened up with the colors of these stunning plants. A border that gets lots of sunshine during the day is an ideal position for these versatile plants.

The plants of the dwarf bamboo family range from small to medium sized. They are available in a range of different colors and various shades of green. These hardy plants are suitable for growing to provide ground cover whilst the ornamental varieties can provide a lot of pleasure for the gardener.

They are available in a wide variety of gorgeous colors and will add interest to any garden. The most favorable conditions for the plants are moist fertile soils with some liking exposure to sunlight and others preferring shade. One of the most hardy of the dwarf varieties is the Pleioblastus Pumilus.

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