Add Color To The Garden With Pleioblastus Pumilus

The Pleioblastus Pumilus is a dwarf species from the family of bamboo plants and is sometimes referred to as a dwarf bamboo. It prefers to grow in an area where it will be in partial or a fully shaded area. The soil should be well drained but kept moist. When fully grown the plant is less than one meter tall.

The plant has gorgeous green leaves and is ideal for using as ground cover. It can be grown almost anywhere and is great for planting in smaller areas. The plant can grow quickly and will provide excellent coverage for under trees or bushes. It can also be grown as an indoor plant.

The gorgeous green leaves of the Pleioblastus Distichus are known for their similarities to the leaves of palm trees and ferns. This hardy plant is great for planting in places that require ground coverage. They enjoy exposure to the sun or partial shade. These plants are often found in Japanese gardens where they look at home. They are also ideal for growing in pots or containers for displaying on the patio.

Also known as a pygmy bamboo with its very small leaves, the Pleioblastus Pygmaeus looks like a smaller version of the Distichus. This bamboo plant is quite often grown as a bonsai plant. This species is another that is popularly grown in Japanese gardens. This is the smallest species in the bamboo family of plants. The plant will provide gorgeous greenery to the garden all year round. For a bushy appearance the plant can be cut down to the ground and will grow again in the following spring.

The Pleioblastus Shibuyanus Tsuboii is a pale green color with contrasting white stripes. It has a tropical appearance and is usually grown as an ornamental dwarf bamboo. The plant can be grown as a hedge or screening plant and when carefully pruned it can be sculptured and will look very attractive. In areas that require ground cover this is an excellent choice as it prefers areas that are partially shaded and are therefore useful for planting in the ground under trees.

The tropical look of the Pleioblastus Viridistriata Auricoma has purple and green stems with gorgeous yellow and green leaves. These plants prefer to be positioned in areas in direct sunlight. This plant brings a wonderful color to the garden. The plant can be grown happily in most sunny situations and looks great when grown in a border.

The dwarf range of bamboo plants are smallish to medium sized plants. There are a variety of colors available including many gorgeous shades of green. They are hardy plants that can be grown in a variety of places with some being suitable for ground cover while others are ideal for planting in areas where gardeners would like ornamental plants.

These bamboo plants can add a great deal of interest and color to many gardens. They like to be planted in fertile and moist soils. The Pleioblastus Pumilus is one of the most hardy plants to be found in the dwarf bamboo family.

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