Bamboo – A popular plant

Bamboo is one of our most popular ranges. Although not indigenous to the UK, it is a truly cherished plant all over the world. Originating in tropical and cold, mountainous regions; bamboo is highly prized as a malleable and flexible material. It is used in scaffolding, musical instruments, paper manufacture, as a building frame for houses and even serves a culinary use in Asia.


Although bamboo is a hardy, resilient and low maintenance grass, by following these simple steps you can ensure that it flourishes and grows to impressive heights.

Water twice a week at first, and twice a week after

Add a bit of mulch into the soil to stabilise the soil temperature

Fertilise using a high nitrogen fertiliser in the spring and summer, a low one in the autumn and none at all in the winter

If you notice the leaves are curling up, water immediately


There is a variety of bamboo to suit everyones palate, from the short dwarf bamboo to the broadleaf and longleaf. There is also a wide variety of colours among bamboo plants, with different shades of green, purple hues and the black stem of the Black Bamboo.

Neglectful Gardener?

Requiring minimal care and possessing one of the fastest growth factors of any plant in the world, bamboo is a safe option for the unadventurous gardener. Take a look at our range here.??

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