Water Irrigation Systems


Garden Plants Online are now able to offer a full range of irrigation solutions that are able to cater for the small patio garden to the larger mature garden. All the equipment that we have listed on Irrigation section is designed to be simple to use and effective in its use. Garden Plants on line are able to draw on extensive knowledge of irrigation and also of the Claber brand this in turn enables us to fully understand your needs. To offer the complete service and peace of mind we are able to determine the correct amount of fittings and equipment you need for your project all we need to know is the area or length and width of the boarders you wish to irrigate. To plan your project with the least amount of trouble please contact us at info@plantsandtreesonline.

Why use irrigation

The basic fact is that plants in the garden are a created landscape and due to the fact that new plants often get added, plants need to get established and a steady supply of water delivered to the base and root zone of the plant is the best method to ensure healthy and even growth .

Drip Irrigation offers an effective and cost efficient water delivery method to ensure that not one drop of water is wasted. If you consider that only 1% of the worlds’ water is usable for everyday use then it becomes even more clear that we must use this resource in an effective way.

Water companies are now seeing that drip irrigation is so much more effective than the traditional point and spurt of the hose pipe and indeed are starting to remove timed drip irrigation from hose pipe bans.

The other major saving will be noted in the lower cost of your water bills.

Effective but basic

The most basic yet effective product we supply is known as seep hose. This is a porous hose that is simple to connect and can lay on top of the soil or be laid in a trench when planting a hedge for example. Seep hose comes in 15m and 25m lengths . Easy to use and cost effective, for even more control you can add a Claber water timer.

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