How to prune a lucky bamboo plant?

The bamboo lucky plant requires less maintenance than other houseplants but you need to keep it looking and pruning the bamboo interior plant from time to time. When you are pruning the bamboo plant is not only about the maintenance of the attractiveness of the bamboo. Pruning also serves to limit the size of the plant. If you don’t cut it occasionally the bamboo it will grow too much to keep inside of your house.


  • you must cut every cane that looks thinner than the others or that is faded or has a wrinkled appearance, to remove cut with a sharp knife directly from the ground.

  • Cut the top of any cane to grow too high. When cutting the top of a reed, do it directly above the knot.

  • Pruning any branch of the reeds that wilted or dead, or just look unattractive.

  • Design the top of the reeds in the way you want. Branch should not be removed for the health of the plant, beyond those that are dead or dying.