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Cordyline Australis (New Zealand Cabbage Tree)

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Cordyline australis is a widely branched monocot tree commonly known as the Torbay Palm or Cabbage Tree. Torbay Palm is a popular choice for coastal and urban gardens in the warmer parts of Britain because it gradually sheds the older leaves giving it an exotic palm-like appearance. Young cordylines are often used in bedding and container displays and make good house or conservatory plants. Numerous cultivars are available with attractive foliage in shades of green, bronze, purple. They naturally hybridise among themselves and with related species like Cordyline indivisa. Mature specimens of Cordyline australis will flower in summer and produce white fruit clusters in autumn that are a good food source for birds.

Cordyline australis is not fully hardy, but more mature specimens usually survive winter outdoors in milder regions or urban areas where temperatures dont drop below -5C. Young cordylines plants should be planted out in spring to let the plant get established before the onset of winter. Cordyline australis can regenerate from rootstock if badly hit by hard frost.