Cypress Tree: Bring the Oldest Living Tree to your Garden

Cypress Tree: Bring the Oldest Living Tree to your Garden

The elegant cypress tree dates back thousands of years, and is known to be one of the oldest living trees on earth! There are around 24 varieties of the evergreen Cypress, such as the Italian Cypress or Mediterranean Cypress, Monterey cypress goldcrest, Blue Arizona cypress and Castlewelland Gold cypress, to name a few. Whether they take the form of shrubs or trees, they are majestic, hardy and require little maintenance.

Here are a couple of celebrity cypress trees that have fascinated the world for hundreds of years!

  • Arbol del Tule – This towering Tree of Life stands with its head held high, in the town centre of Santa Maria del Tule in Mexico. Its trunk is the stoutest in the world, and the tree itself is believed to be around 1400 years old!

  • The Lone Cypress One of the most famous trees in the world, this particular Monterey Cypress in California needs no introduction! In comparison with the Arbol del Tule, this tree is a youngster, barely 250 years old but is perhaps one of the most photographed trees!


Cupressus symbolizes longevity! So if you want to bring this gorgeous plant or tree into your garden, do check out our range of cypress trees and place your order hassle-free online.

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