Jobs to do in the summer garden

Jobs to do in the Summer Garden


After the busy spring period and all the buying of new plants the time has now arrived when we can fully expect not to get any frost and we can look forward to our more tender colourful plants to delight us with a pallet of colour.

However it is a rare thing to see a gardener resting on his or her fork more likely they are still going to be titivating this and dead heading the other.

At this time of the year it is vital that you keep everything well watered and pay great attention to plants that are in tubs as tubs tend to dry out faster than boarders this is also true with your hanging baskets, when you water try to do this first thing in the morning or last thing in the late afternoon. You could even consider installing a simple drip kit on a timer.

Your summer bedding should really be starting to come into its own now but you will get much from these plants if you carry out regular dead heading and they will just keep flowering until the first frosts.

It will also be noticeable that if you have any rose bushes they will be starting to bud and would have put on a lot of new growth, use a general fertilizer like grow more and you will be rewarded with larger blooms and again keep them well watered. Keep an eye out for any aphids and take the necessary action to stop their spread.

Growing your own fruit and veg is very popular and is a great way to get the children interested in where food comes from and although you should have a lot of your main veg growing strongly now it is not late to sow things like Radish, spring onion, lettuce. Tomatoes are always great for kids to grow because they fruit a lot and are easy, why not try the cherry types but do not leave it any later than the last week of May to plant them.

Keep an eye on runner beans and make sure they are growing up the poles and again keep them well watered and it is also important to keep growing areas weed free. It is very possible to grow veg all year round.

The lawn, often overlooked but it is apart from you the hardest working part of your garden, you have a choice with a lawn you can spend a load of money on it or you can save money by hard work and end up with the same result.

Other things like hedges will be putting on lots of growth do not worry about cutting them back and keeping them neat, however if it is your neighbours hedge by law you must give the clippings back however I have never heard of a case of some demanding their hedge clippings bits.

Enjoy your summer!

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