Luxform Uplighting

Luxform Uplighting


Up lighting in terms of the outdoor room that we call the garden is a very powerful effect that allows an object to be shown in striking contrast during the hours of darkness.

In general statues and trees are often the objects of up lighting and the choice of mood that you can create is enhanced by the strength and colour of the bulb that is employed. It must be noted at this point that halogen bulbs are best suited to this role and although most lights come with white bulbs a trip to your local diy store will enable a full choice of colour halogen bulbs.

When first starting out on an up lighting task it is incumbent to take in account the mood you wish to convey, mellow and cool will require a blue tint while stark and standout will warrant a harsh bright white yet mellow and warm will need a soft peach white. All of this makes a vast difference to how one will feel while in the garden after night fall.

Certain plants look fantastic given the up lighting treatment and in terms that a general if the plant is architectural then with care it is going to look great.

It is also to be noted that water can be up lighted with lighting units placed under the water or very close to the water.

In short up lighting is something that will give your garden an added boost and almost make it feel like a new experience during hours of darkness.

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