Top 5 top summer activities with your child

Top 5 top summer activities with your child

Its the time of the year that a lot of parents dread 😉 Come July and most schools would close for a long summer holiday!

Are you looking for top 5 fun and interesting activities to do with your child? Do you need ideas that will not burn a hole in your pocket? Heres our list!

  1. Bring on the green thumb

Believe it or not, a lot of children actually love plants and gardening. Not all of us can afford the luxury of a full-fledged garden. However, growing a little potted plant is a really easy way of encouraging your children to get a little closer to nature. Get your children to grow some really easy plants like tomato or bamboo, or pretty flowering shrubs like a rose bush, and make sure the job of watering for and caring for the plants is their responsibility. Check out our range of indoor Garden Plants for sale online, and get started right away.

  1. Transform a corner of your home into a picnic spot

Planning a picnic need not be a very daunting task! Picnic rugs, well-stocked baskets, cool lemonade you could arrange all of these in a jiffy and have a picnic in your very own garden! Call a few friends over if you like, and let the children have a ball in your garden shed or summer house (if you have one). Do not worry if you don’t have an outbuilding simple convert a corner of your home into a pretend garden with a few bits and bobs like potted plants, green rugs, colourful plastic plates and glasses and easily available garden furniture.

  1. A very messy Picasso or Van Gogh

Does your child love mess? Simply buy a huge pad of white sheets and a box of paint for under 5 and give them a collection of tooth brushes, paint brushes, twigs and leaves!! You never know – your child might just become the new Picasso or Van Gogh! And if not, then he/she could just remember this as a really fun-filled summer holiday. P.S: Make sure you spread a huge plastic sheet beneath so you don’t have a hard time cleaning-up!

  1. Non-conventional construction ideas

Having to assemble tractors and houses all the time could be boring! Why not inject a little fun into this activity by setting a REAL-LIFE model that they can either copy or use their creative genius and improvise upon? Consider this exotic hot-tub cabin for instance. Get the children to make a unique hot-tub enclosure or an imaginative dragon-shaped boat and watch them unleash their creativity!!

  1. Not just Cooking, but meal-planning

Children are smarter than we think they are. While a lot of parents already involve their children in cooking (baking simple cakes, making a sandwich, etc) not many talk about meal-planning. Introduce your children to the concept of vitamins and nutrients and 5-a-day, and assign them the task of planning a balanced meal. Teach them young and your little chefs will benefit from this knowledge forever!


Follow these simple ideas to have fun in easy and inexpensive ways. To get started, check out our huge range of indoor plants for sale!

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