The joys of outdoor low voltage lighting in your garden

Outdoor lighting is a fantastic way to bring your garden to life when the sun goes down, if used with a little thought it really can bring plants and features to life after dark.

With low voltage lighting your choice is as vast as you can imagine and without the danger of high voltage cables, or the rather poor display that solar lights produce.

When choosing your lights give a thought to what it is you want to achieve, for example uplighting plants or do you want to light pathways.

When uplighting plants it is always better to go for the spot lights that have a halogen bulb fitted as this will produce the strongest light thereby giving the most dramatic effect. Trees for example can look fantastic if they are up lighted, with some thought it is possible to place the light in the crown of the tree to produce a good effect.

Pathways can be highlighted with the use of bollard type lights that use LED bulbs and decking can be transformed with the use of the small led lights that can be sunk into the wood work.

It is vital that you choose the correct transformer for your lights and the amount of lights you have.

the way to do this is to add up the total wattage of all your lights then choose the transformer that meets that requirement i.e. 80 watts of output would require a 100 watt transformer.

It is worth knowing that the 100 transformer has two out put connections so it is possible to run two cables in different directions.

Garden Plants Online are always happy to guide you through so that you can have a system that best suits your needs.

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