Garden Lighting

Halogen — these will tend to have 20W bulbs and therefore you will have less per transformer,

the following are halogen a transformer can only support the total of all the lights wattage

added up ie 5 x 20 watt bulbs = 100 W therefore you need a 100Watt transformer – the following

are halogen lights

  • Melbourne
  • Luxform uplighter
  • Brisbane
  • Rock light

It is also always better to advise the thicker SPT 3 cable with halogen along with the cable

connectors that have a wider slot for the thick cable ie SPT -3 > SPT-1 these com in pack of two and

are priced at 2.99


The rest of the lights are led and as such are between 1.5W and 5W the same is true with regard

to selecting the correct transformer, add up the wattage of each light and you will then arrive

at the transformer needed. It would alway be better to allow a larger transformer thus allowing

customer to add more lights.

The cable with the lcd lights is SPT 1 with no need for different connectors as these are all

included in the box.

A point to remember is that after a run of 30m power will drop off.

Also keep in mind that a 100W transformer has two output sockets thereby allowing two main

cables to go of in different directions.

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