Gardening Jobs for May

Gardening jobs for May

It is now starting to warm up and the sap is beginning to rise and the garden is coming to life after an overlong winter. So lets get out there and do some gardening . Here at Garden Plants Online we have a good list of things for you to do

Its time to knock some of those shrubs in to order, if your forsythia has finished flowering you can prune this back to the shape and size you want it. You may also prune back Buddleia ( this can be cut back by a third ) also the cornus may also be pruned back. With cornus the harder they are pruned the better the stem colour next winter

Now the soil has started to warm up you can plant a host of plants ( and at we have a host of plants to delight you ) including sweet peas dahlias and all shrubs.

The worst thing about this time of the year is that the weeds start growing, so if you get on top of them as they rear their ugly little heads then you will win the battle. You could to help keep down the weeds and keep in the moisture mulch your beds ( depth of mulch should be 2 )

A general clean up of all your plants, cut out the dead wood and take off the dead leaves, if you have any rose bushes prune them back and make sure they are firm. Also you can sow half hardy bedding plants.

Have a look at your lawn, and if needed give it a cut but not to low and tidy up the edges, ifYour feeling keen give it a good going over with a lawn rake.

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