Bonsai Tree Care Part 2: Bonsai Care Basics

In the first of our week long series of bonsai care we covered an introduction to Bonsai. Today we go over Bonsai Care basics.


Bonsai require care, attention and artistry, but nevertheless they can be extremely rewarding and always beautiful.


When a bonsai is kept indoors the atmosphere is often too dry. To create ideal conditions, mist the foliage daily and keep the tree standing on a humidity tray. The tray should be filled with gravel which is kept moist, though the bonsai pot should not be standing in water. As water evaporates it creates a humid microclimate around the bonsai tree.

Do not keep your bonsai on a TV or near a gas fire – this is too hot and dry.


Check your bonsai daily. It should be watered when the soil is becoming dry.

Immersing your bonsai

This technique is the most effective way to water your indoor tree. Stand the bonsai in a tray of tepid water up to the rim of the pot so that water may be drawn through the drainage holes underneath the pot. Leave until the compost is completely soaked.

This may take up to 20 minutes. Drain off excess water.

The soil should be allowed to become a little drier before being immersed again, but not to the point where the leaves begin to wilt. If the soil is dry and dusty to the touch, now is the time to water again. However, if the soil underneath the surface is still damp then do not water yet. Remember that if the compost is always soggy the roots will rot.


Feed every 7-10 days during the growing period, usually April to October. Do not feed a tree in flower.

If you have re-potted your bonsai, leave 4-5 weeks before feeding again.??


Tomorrow: Bonsai Training


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