Facts You Didn’t Know About The Cupressus Sempervirens

Although frequently associated with cemeteries, Cupressus Sempervirens or Mediterranean Cypress stands out from the rest. They come from the cypresses genus. The trees are evergreen, meaning that they remain green all through the year. The tree is hard and stable and will grow for centuries. The shape is definitive from the time the tree is small.

The trees are also known to produce resinous wood that is yellowish in color with strong aroma. The wood is difficult to find as well as expensive. They are known for their rapid growth as well. The foliage is dark green and the branches grow horizontally. Their leaves grow closely together, thus making a good shelter for birds. The tree can grow up to 70 feet tall.

This tree is suitable for growing in well-drained soils. It prefers enough sunlight therefore, can do extremely well in areas where there is sunshine for at least six hours. Generally, the tree is trouble free. However, in hot and humid areas, it is subject to canker. It remains important for people who want to grow this plant to learn more about it.

When planting the trees, know the kind of pests they are tolerant to. Animals such as rabbits and deer are not known to cause it any harm. As well, the trees can withstand drought. It can be grown on a variety of soils ranging from some sand to clay. As well, the water needs to range from dry to moist.

Young plants should be fed with extra phosphorous. This is meant to encourage the plant to develop a good root system. It is important that you apply the recommended amount of phosphorous depending on the label. This is important in the first growing season. The watering conditions required for the plants are regular moisture.

During the initial growing season, you need to give it an average amount of water. Be careful not to overwater the plant. This could result in roots rotting and dying off. For the first two years, regular watering is vital. During the first year, water it deeply once a week. It also is a good idea to mulch the plant to ensure moisture retention and keep off weeds.

The plant can be used for hedges, but will require regular pruning. It also is a good choice for the entrance to your home. Once the trees are in the ground, it needs little intervention. It can therefore be termed as an easy growing tree. You could cut off the top if what you need is a bushier trunk. Most people prefer it for its tall column shaped trunk though.

The best thing about the Cupressus Sempervirens is that it is not selective about soil. It will grow well in sandy, loam or clay soils as long as the drainage is good. If your climate is windy, warm and dry, it could be better when it is watered especially during winter since it could dry out. Some common pests include bagworms whose bags can be picked out, and mites that can be sprayed with antiseptic soap.

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