Jargon Guide

Jargon Guide

These are trees with a clear stem of at least 180-220cm and a head of a further 150/200cm.They are usually measured and listed by their trunk GIRTH; however, the height is roughly consistent throughout the girth options.

These are smaller trees with a clear stem of at least 80-120cm. They are usually measured and listed by the DIAMETER of their crown. Other plants such as topiary balls may also be listed by their diameter.

These are miniature standard trees that have clear stems of approximately 60-80cm.

Where a height approximation is listed (e.g. 150/200cm), the plant is usually a shrub, or in bush form.

Container Litres. This is the POT SIZE. Pots are measured in LITRES (often abbreviated to ‘Clt.’) but a rough guide of their diameter is as follows:

Clt. 3 = 16cm

Clt. 5 = 20cm

Clt. 7 22cm

Clt. 10 = 24cm

Clt. 12 = 26cm

Clt. 15 = 28cm

Clt. 18 = 30cm

Clt. 25 = 33cm

Clt. 30 = 40cm

Clt. 35 = 45cm

Clt. 50 = 50cm

Clt. 75 = 55cm

Clt. 100 = 60cm

All sizes are in CENTIMETRES unless otherwise stated.

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