Bonsai Tree Care Part 5 – Re-potting

Following on from Part 4 we cover the process of re potting your bonsai in order to keep it healthy


Periodic re-potting is required to maintain the health of your bonsai. If the roots become visible all around the root ball then it is time to re-pot. Spring is the ideal time, just before the start of the growing season.

Before commencing, select a slightly larger pot

Carefully ease the tree from its pot

Loosen the compost from the edge of the root ball (you may need to use a root hook)

Comb out the roots and trim them back by 20-25%

Cover the drainage holes of the new pot with mesh

Thread wire through the drainage holes and mesh (to secure the tree firmly in the pot)

Place the tree into its new pot using fresh compost and secure it with threaded wire.

Water well

Allow the roots to recover for one month before starting to feed.

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