What is ‘pot size’?

Pots are measured in litres and are an indication of the plant’s size. 

Can you offer gardening advice?

Unfortunately, we can’t. Suggestions as to the suitability of any particular plant type or species for any purpose or location are general indications only. It is the buyers responsibility to check that the intended location and prevailing weather conditions are suitable for a particular plant before placing an order. We have however tried to include as many helpful details on each product page, such as facts and care guidelines, and our Links page will take you to some useful sites.

Do you provide photographs?

For larger specimen plants, we can usually supply a photograph but, unfortunately, we are unable to take and provide photographs for all orders or we’d have no time to care for the plants!

Can I choose a particular plant if there are several available?

If an item is in stock, customers are more than welcome to visit our nursery by appointment and choose which exact plant/tree they want but for online orders you’ll have to trust us that all the plants of the same variety are as uniform as possible.

Can you get me plants that aren’t on the website?

We can usually source varieties that aren’t featured online give us a try!

Which are indoor plants?

With the exception of the conifers and other trees, most can be grown indoors if you feel you have the space and suitable conditions.

Where do these plants come from?

Our UK nursery works in partnership with an Italian nursery, based in Pistoia.

Are these plants suitable for growth in the UK?

All plants on the website are suited to a UK climate.

Do you sell gardening equipment?

We now sell bonsai care kits. Keep an eye open for other gardening equipment.

Can I open a business account?

We work with numerous garden centres and landscape designers so get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Where are you based?

Our nursery is in Guildford, Surrey.

Can we visit the nursery?

Of course! However, visitation is by appointment only so get in touch and we’ll book you in.

Can you position the tree for me when it arrives?

The courier service and our own drivers are obliged to deliver to your door only.

Can you give me a more precise size?

Sometimes, if an item is in stock, we will be able to measure it and give more specific dimensions, although this will delay your order and not necessarily reserve the plant, but if the item is out of stock, we can usually only supply these approximations, as plants are living, growing things!

Why does my ‘Order Status’ show ‘Credit Card Awaiting Validation’?

This just means that the payment hasn’t been processed yet.

Can I return the plant if I don’t like it?

Of course. You have up to 7 days to return it. We will then issue a credit note, minus the intitial delivery cost.

What if the plant is damaged?

Our plants are packaged securely so this is rare but, for our records and stock control, we will always ask you to kindly take a photograph to send to us via email within 7 working days. Then we can arrange a replacement for you.

Why does MCG Timber show up on my bank statement?

Not to worry, MCG Timber is our parent company.


How long does delivery take?

Items usually take between 3/5 days, unless they are out of stock, in which case we advise you to expect delivery in up to 20 working days, though it is not normally this long.

How do you deliver?

We use a courier service for anything under 150cm in height and our own vans for larger plants.

Why does the website say I’ll get a quote for delivery and can I still order online?

Of course, no problem. If you’ve ordered a plant that is too large for our usual courier service then we use our own vans. For these private deliveries, we will calculate a price based upon your postcode. You can still finalise the order online and within a day or two a Sales Representative will contact you via email with a price for delivery. Don’t worry, no payment is taken before we receive confirmation from you that you’d like to go ahead with the order. Only once everything is confirmed do we take payments and begin arrangements for delivery. Private delivery charges do not show up on your online invoice but they will be confirmed in an email from a Sales Representative.

Can you deliver on an exact date?

For larger items and bulk orders we can usually arrange a date for delivery that is most convenient for you. For smaller items and orders, we try to give as precise a delivery date as possible but this is only an approximation and we cannot 100% guarantee your plants will be delivered on the advised day.

Can the driver call me before he delivers?

For private, quoted deliveries we can request the driver to let you know when he is nearby but we cannot guarantee that the courier service will do the same.

Do I have to sign for my deliveries?

Even with your permission for an item to be left unattended, a signature is usually required, although we can request otherwise. Our private drivers can leave plants without a signature should this be more convenient for you.

Do you deliver on weekends?

Not usually, though sometimes this will be arranged for the private deliveries.

If your questions are still unanswered, try our Contact page.

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