The Uses Of Cupressus Sempervirens

Cupressus Sempervirens is a type of cypress tree which originated from the east but it is currently found in the Mediterranean area. The species is medium sized with an average of about 35 meters tall. The plant has a conic shape at the tip with a number of branches which have loose hanging branchlets. The plant is long lived as some are revealed to have existed for more than a thousand decades. The scientific classification categories the plant under kingdom Plantae, class Pinopsida, division Pinophyta, order Pinales, genus Cupressus, family Cyperaceae and species Sempervirens.

The leaves of this tree are dark green in color and are created on curved shoots with a length of about two to five millimeters. The seed cones are ovoid and are about 25 to 40 mm long. After pollination the cones are green in color but changes to brown after a period of two years. Male cones discharge pollen grains in the delayed winter. It develops in places with dry summer and stormy winter seasons.

The wood from the plant is resilient is used to make, doors and several other house furniture. Before the development of stainless-steel, cypress was used in alcohol fermentation process. It works out well in well drained soils, although require to be planted in well prepared sites and have to be watered regularly until its roots are well established. This plant has a high ecological and genetic value.

These plants are vulnerable to illnesses like the cypress canker which is caused by fungus Seiridium cardinal. A number of well grown up trees form a good block which helps to reduce the strength of wind since the leaves cover a large surface area. This plant is also used to cure some diseases like whooping cough, sore throats and control flu. Regular cleaning of feet with its cones helps to reduce perspiration.

The Leaves and wood of the plant contains some oil in them and both have been widely used in soap and perfume industries. Wood from this plant is hard and resilient, and has been used to make wall units and wardrobes. The wood maintains its fragrance which helps to get rid of moths and worms which attack timber. Oil from these plants is advantageous and is used during significant upheavals for it regenerates and soothes tissues.

When consumed in the right proportions it increases blood flow in the body and thereby better its performance towards coughs and other respiratory disease. The plant is perennial in nature and has its origin from the east. Well matured cones have nuts inside. Wood from this plant was used to build ancient ships and houses. The Greeks also used it to carve sculptures of their god.

A well matured plant has a wide and straight trunk with its shoots growing in all directions. The male and female cones are well situated along its branches. For this species to reproduce, pollination has to take place and the first flowers are produced after a duration of about three to four years.

The branches of Cupressus Sempervirens can either grow horizontally or shoot upwards depending on the type of the plant. It helps to reduce soil erosion in sloppy areas because its roots are well spaced out and strongly hold the ground. Wood from this is also used in construction of decent buildings since it is hard in nature.

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