FAQs About The Bougainvillae Plant

Bougainvillae is a beautiful tropical plant. In areas that mimic a tropical environment they grow well. They need direct sunlight. At least six hours per day is good. It will also need soil that is well drained. This plant will need to have an opportunity to dry out between watering. Therefore, an area that gets a lot of rain will not be a good choice. Nor, will an area where nighttime temperatures go below 60 degrees.

If you live in a cold or wet area keep your plant potted and take it indoors over the winter. Leaving it outdoors over the winter in cold climates will result in your plant not coming back in the spring. You can then put the pot back out when the weather improves.

When breaking up the soil for planting add some food and fertilizer to the dirt. Mix it in well. This will give a good foundation for planting. Your plant will get some needed nutrients. Be gentle when planting. The roots on this are very tender.

After placing your plant in the hole that you have dug and prepared, gently fill it back up with dirt. Tap it down. Take your spade or other small shovel to make a trench a few inches out from the plant. Create the trench to go all the way around. This will be useful for keeping the water close by while your plant is become accustomed to its new home.

Water well in the beginning. After the plant has adjusted and settled you want to cut back on watering. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. You will be able tell it needs water when the soil is dry to the touch. When that happens water it well so the water gets down to the roots.

Prune to keep the shape and height that you want. These plants can and will grow tall. You will have to prune it to keep it manageable. Pruning also helps the plant to become stronger. This can be done at anytime of the year. Pinching back some of the new shoots is also good.

During the blooming season feeding is important. In the right area where the temperature is ideal these will flower twice per year. Once in the spring and once again in early fall. You should feed during these two times. The plant loses a lot of nutrients and this helps to replace them.

The Bougainvillae will benefit from a trellis. It is a vine and as it grows it can be trained to grow along the trellis. A fence will also work if there is one nearby. When you are choosing a spot for planting think about leaving room for a trellis or something being nearby for climbing. One thing you do not want nearby is a tree that might block out the sunlight. Blocked sunlight would be very bad and would keep the plant from thriving. However, with proper care you will have a stunning plant that is filled with gorgeous blooms.

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