Best Tips For Growing Bougainvillea

The Bougainvillea is a tropical plant. It likes high temperatures and will not do well in colder climates unless it is brought indoors in the cold weather months. This plant does not like nighttime temperatures that go below 60 degrees. It will need strong sunlight, at least 6 hours per day.It will also do best in an area that does not receive excessive rainfall. This plant needs well drained soil in order to grow well.

Choose a spot in your yard. Pick an area where there are no trees to block out the sunlight. These plants do not do well when transplanted so be sure that the area you choose is where you want your plant to stay. Their root system makes being able to transplant them highly unlikely. Take into account the full sized plant, not just the size it is when it is first planted.

Break up the dirt where you will be planting. Make the hole larger than the actual plant. Work some plant food and fertilizer into the soil. This will help give this plant a good start. Use a watering can to place some water in the hole. This will give the roots a good drink.

Place your plant in the prepared area. Back fill the hole with soil. Tap it down lightly. Make a small trench around your plant. This will keep the water from running off when you water. Use a hose on the shower setting of the nozzle or use the watering can to thoroughly water the plant.

Until your plant is settled you should ensure that it is watered well. Once the plant is established and over the shock of being planted you can cut back on watering. These plants are tropical and are tolerant to drought. You should wait until the soil looks and feels dry before watering. Then water enough so that it gets down to the roots.

Be aware that these can grow quite tall. However, you can keep yours short if you prune it back. This will also help it to look better and to grow better. Even if you want a tall plant, pruning is important. It helps them to be stronger. You can also prune to make it look better. If some branches are detracting from the look, prune them. Unlike some plant this type can be pruned at any time of the year without having a negative impact.

Feeding is important. You should also feed during the times when your plant is making flowers. They will need the extra nutrients during this time. For those with the right climate spring and early fall are the flowering times for these. Food will keep make your blooms even better. It will also replace nutrients that are being lost.

As your Bougainvillea grows you should think about installing a trellis. This plant is actually a vine and can be trained to grow along the trellis. These look beautiful on a pretty trellis with their stunning flowers. Even when they are not flowering, they stay green and look pretty.

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