Things You Need To Be Acquainted With When Growing Cupressus Sempervirens

Cupressus Sempervirens has been associated with cemeteries for long. They however stand out from the rest of the trees. They are also called the Mediterranean Cypress. This tree is evergreen because they are green all through the year. The tree is stable, hard and can grow for centuries. It has a definitive conical shape from the time it sprouts off the soil.

The trees are a good producer of yellowish, resinous and aromatic wood that is difficult to find. The wood is expensive. These trees are known for growing rapidly. The leaves are dark green in color and the branches grow horizontally. The leaves closely grow together, therefore a good shelter for songbirds. It remains possible for the trees to grow to a height of up to 70 feet.

The Mediterranean Cypress is suitable for growing in soils with good drainage. It should be exposed to enough sunlight and suitable for areas with at least six hours of sunshine each day. In general, growing the tree will expose you to very small problems. When the area is hot and humid, the tree can get canker. Importantly, if you need to grow it, ensure you understand more about the plant.

It could be wise to get adequate information on the possible pests and those that it is tolerant to. Rabbits and deer cause no major harm. The plants are great in withstanding drought. It could be suitable to grow the trees in a variety of soils that range from sand to clay. The plants generally do well in moist to dry lands.

A young tree needs to be fed with enough phosphorous. This is to boost it in developing a reliable root system. It is vital to give it adequate phosphorous. Ensure you closely study the label. During the first growing season, this is an important nutrient for your trees. Regular moisture is the required watering conditions of the initial growing season.

Provide average amounts of water for the first growing season. Ensure that the plant is not exposed to too much water. This could cause the roots to rot and subsequently die off. During the first two years, ensure there is regular watering. On the first year, make sure you water it deeply each week. It could be a splendid idea to mulch it to be sure it retains as much moisture and ward off weeds.

The plant is suitable for use as a hedge. You ought to prune it regularly though. It is also a splendid choice to have the trees at the entrance of a home. Once you have planted the tree, it needs only a little intervention. It is a kind of tree that grows easily. If you need a bushy trunk, you may cut off the pinnacle of the tree. Many people, however, choose this tree for the tall column shaped trunk.

The best aspect about the Cupressus Sempervirens species is that they do not select soil. They grow well in soil that is sandy, clay or loam. All you need is to ensure a reliable drainage. If you live in a dry, windy and warm climate, water the plant during winter lest it dries out. Common pests may include mites that can be sprayed with antiseptic soap and bagworms that can be physically removed.

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