What You Should Know About The Agave Americana

The Agave Americana is a stunning addition to ones landscaping. Many people seem intimidated by these because they do not know much about them. They often have questions that they require answers to before they can take the step to put one or several in their yards. Even those who already have one may have questions.

One very common question involves the name. There is good reason for this as the name can be confusing. The proper name as mentioned above is not the only name these go by. They are also called the Century plant and the American Aloe. All these names are referring to one plant.

An often heard question from those who are already growing one or more is what are they doing wrong since they never get any blooms. The answer is nothing. These take an extremely long time to bloom. At a minimum it will take ten years. Potted plants can take even longer.

This leads to the next query. Can they remain potted for areas that do not have the best climate for them. The most certainly can. They will do fine if they are taken in during the colder months and brought outside to a patio or balcony during the warm weather months. Your plant will of course be much smaller than ones planted outside, but they will still be pretty and interesting.

The name American Aloe has some wondering if these are indeed related to the Aloe. These succulents are not related to the Aloe in any way. The reason that they are called American Aloe is because they look so much like the African Aloe plant. While logic may think it would be related to the Aloe, the reality is that it is not. It was only named because of its looks.

When planting multiple plants how far apart should they be is another concern. You will want at least six feet between each plant. You also should have six feet between the plant and any walkways or driveways. The spikes on these grow out six feet. It is important to make sure you leave enough room for this growth.

Something else that plant lovers wonder about is how best to water these. You should water them from overhead. They are succulents and their leaves trap water and lead it to the roots. You should let the soil dry out between watering. Well drained soil is important. These plants do not do well if water does not drain away from them. Having it sit pooled in the soil can harm your plant.

The Agave Americana is a nice plant. It does not require much care once it is planted. It can live for many years and will add interest and beauty to your landscaping. There is one word of caution that you should be aware of, these spikes are sharp. You should wear gloves and other protection such as long sleeves and goggles to protect yourself when handling them. They can be dangerous so use care.

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