Phyllostachys Aurea Plants Are A Gorgeous Addition To The Garden

The golden bamboo is a common name for the Phyllostachys Aurea, which is a species of bamboo plant. When grown in direct sunlight these plants develop a rich golden appearance and this provides the gardener with a glorious display for his garden. The plants are known to grow in clumps and will bring an excellent colorful display to any garden. For gardeners that do not like to wait on plants developing, these are ideal as they are known for being a quick growing plant.

If a screening or hedging plant for the garden, these are the ideal plant to use. They can also add interest when potted in a container for the patio. They are fully hardy plants making them easy to care for during the long colder months of the year. When planted in fertile and moist soils these plants will thrive well.

A bamboo plant that changes from a gorgeous yellow to wonderful shades of orange and red is the Phyllostachys Aureosulcata. With lovely green contrasting leaves, these plants have leaves with a rich glossy appearance and usually grow to about six meters tall. These hardy plants will grow in clumps in the garden.

The bamboo species of the Phyllostachys aureosulcata Spectabilis can grow well when planted in colder areas. A wonderful display can be created when used as a screening or hedging plant. These plants prefer to be planted in an area where they can benefit from sun but also grow well in a partially shaded area. With contrasting green colors, these bright yellow plants can add interest to the garden.

The Phyllostachys Bissetti is one of the most attractive of the bamboo family. It will bring interest to any garden and for gardens where other species would struggle to survive, it can thrive well. It will do better when exposed to full sun but also does well when grown in partial shade. For areas that are exposed to winds, these plants can also grow healthily.

The wonderful black of the Phyllostachys Nigra is one of the most beautiful species of bamboo plant. These wonderful eye catching plants have gorgeous glossy looking leaves. The best time to see these plants at their most attractive is during late spring or early summer. The plants will grow well when planted in an area that is exposed to full sun or a partially shaded area.

Most of the plants in the bamboo family are easy to care for and maintain and will normally grow free from any diseases or garden pests. When grown in well fertilized soil that is well drained and moist they will grow healthily and provide the gardener with a wonderful display. The plants should be cut back after flowering to encourage healthy growth. During spring these plants can be propagated by division and they can be planted in other areas of a garden. They should be planted with plenty of space between them to encourage them to grow healthily and spread out.

These plants will provide an excellent display and will add interest and color to any garden. Some species can be used for pots and containers for a patio and most of them are great for using to screen or as a hedge for the garden. All the bamboo varieties have a rich and colorful appearance. A plant that can add interest and color to the garden is the golden Phyllostachys Aurea.

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