Pineapple guava tree for Sale

Pineapple guava tree

pineapple guanava

Pineapple guava tree (Acca sellowiana) is native to Brazil and North Argentina. It is an evergreen, perennial shrub or small tree. Its growing up to 7m tall. It is cultivated as a garden plant and fruiting tree. The fruit of pineapple guava tree, maturing in autumn, is green and has a sweet flavor. Apart from fruits this plant has exotic and beautiful red flowers.


The fruit of this tree is sweet and it is eaten. It is also cooked and used in dishes where one would use stewed fruit.

Sun and Wind

Full sun is the best for this plant however it can tolerate partial shade. The pineapple guava makes a good windbreak. It is not ideal to be in the first line wind brake but it can take some salt air.


This plant does not need much care. It requires a decent amount of water. You can cut it for shape and watering it only when its fruit is maturing.

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