Importance Of The Thuya Plicata Excelsa Tree

Thuya plicata excelsa has a variety of names. The tree is also known as, the western red cedar, the pacific cedar, the giant cedar, the arborvitae or the shingle wood. This tree is a type of tree from the Cyprus family. Despite the fact that it has many names, it belongs to the cedars. It comes from the Cedrus genus.

The tree is easily noticed since it is very large. This tree has a number of benefits to human beings. The species has quality timber. Their timbers are red in color making it exceptionally beautiful. The timber is straight making it easy for one to design them. They are mostly used for outdoor construction. Some people use them in the construction of bee hives. But most people use them for poles, construction of the roof and many more.

This tree is expensive in the market. This is because the species is rare to find. It is also in high demand since it possesses the ability to last long. It is highly resistant to decay. This property makes it the most preferred tree when it comes to construction. The timbers from this tree have a very sweet smell. One can identify this timber just by color and smell.

The wood is also used for the construction of boats. This is because of it’s light nature. It can therefore be able to float. Although its timber is light, it is considered the strongest tree. It has been noted to be much better than the common woods for boat building such as mahogany. This tree is also used for making ornaments. Since it has a very beautiful appearance, it is loved by women because of its natural color. It also dyes well with other colors making the ornaments to come in a variety of colors.

The Thuya plicata excelsa tree is also used in the construction of chests and drawers. This is because it has some oils that are said to send pests and insects away. There are some notorious pests known to eat clothes in the drawers. This is beneficial to the owner. These oils can be retained in the woods for a long time. The lightness of the wood, its dark color, and its warm sound has made the wood a popular choice for the construction of the guitar.

The wood of mature trees has been discovered to contain a certain chemical. This chemical is known as fungicide. It comes with a number of benefits though the major one is that it treats the timber and prevents rotting. This property makes the tree even last more than a decade. The wood has been known for its ability to blend well with other trees. It has the ability to be glued with various trees. This is to mean it can be used alongside various woods.

Other parts of the tree are also of benefit. As said earlier the tree performs various functions such as, making utensils, flower vessels, boards and many more. However the bark of the Thuya plicata excelsa is also highly used. Baskets, ropes and weaving are done by using these barks. They make a beautiful structure after completion.

From the above discussion it has been noted that this type of Thuya plicata excelsa tree is very beneficial to the society. This is because it is versatile. It can be used in the construction of various things that are essential amongst the population. The tree is very large and therefore produces a large number of timbers.

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