Growing And Nurturing Pittosporum Tobira Nanum Tree

Plants are planted worldwide for various reasons mostly depending on the particular species. Pittosporum Tobira Nanum tree is one of the many species people grow and nurture for aesthetic purposes. It scientifically belongs to the Pittosporaceae family. It adopts the nature of a shrub as it grows since it has a lot of foliage.

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The tree can tolerate almost all of the weather conditions as it remains ever green due to its heavy foliage nature. It however does not agree with extremely dry or cold periods just like many plants. Its noticeable green leaves are very appealing to the eye and thus making it suitable for decoration purposes to people who love nature.

It does well in almost all types of soil from loam to sand and even clay. The soil could be put in a pot or even left on the ground as long as there is provision of a shade from direct scotching sun. The pH of the soil and water used on the other hand does not affect it much as it survives in alkaline, neutral and even acidic soils.

Its bushy shape makes it convenient for various uses. It can be planted in a flower pot and placed under a shade. This method is most recommended as it gives room for shifting of the plant in case of adverse weather conditions. Potted plants are also easy to transport in case one has bought them or had them and wants to relocate to another place.

It is also planted to form hedges along pathways as well as in small flower gardens. This is made possible by the fact that it can spread widely and has a lot of leaves which form compact bushes. It forms elegant looking hedges due to its deep green colored leaves blended with its bright cream flowers which blossom before the appearance of berries.

It bears sweet scented flowers which smells almost like an orange thus filling the air with this scent making it so natural. The flowers also make it so attractive and even attract insects which fill the place with mother nature’s beauty. The berries that appear after the flowers wither and drop off also add on to its aesthetic aspect.

Although it is naturally beautiful, routine maintenance makes it even more elegant especially in a formal set up. The procedure involves watering during dry seasons to ensure that it remains bright and full of life. Routine pruning is also necessary to give it the desired shape as well as to remove overgrown branches which could make it look dull if left unattended as well as to ensure that it grows better and faster.

Growing of plants has been adopted as a commercial activity where plants are potted and grown for sale. These plants are even accessible online for purchase by interested individuals in various species depending on a person’s taste. Pittosporum Tobira Nanum Plant is one of those that has gained a lot of popularity among people due to its beautiful features and ease in nurturing.

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