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Quercus Ilex – Holm Oak Tree – Holly Oak

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Commonly called the Holly Oak tree, Quercus Ilex often live for more than a thousand years. They are large evergreens with very dense crowns of leaves. They have strong polymorphic leaf of 2-9cm long; the younger leaves are wider and have toothed, sharp margins. The colour and texture of the Quercus Ilex varies from hairy, tender and pale green when they first appear to a leathery, dark green, covered in soft white hairs on the underside, when adult. Both male and female flowers are borne on catkins and appear in June, the first ones being the most decorative as they are a soft yellow.

Grows in poor soil, but prefers calcareous, and does not like clay. Will withstand a lack of water in hot, dry summers and tolerates any kind of pruning.These are effective wind breaks, are suited to full sun or shade, good on their own or in groups and resists the salty winds of a sea climate very well, without damage to the beautiful foliage.