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Ligustrum Jonandrum (Lollipop Privet) – Cube Topiary

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    This impressive cube topiary shaped from Ligustrum Jonandrum (Privet) is available as a tall standard and looks stunning when several of them are planted in a row along a formal path or driveway.

    • Longest Stem 180cm
    • Cube diagonal size 60×60 cm
    • Pot size: clt. 45

    Lingustrum jonandrum is a hardy evergreen shrub with small, oval dark green leaves, producing abundant creamy white flowers with a rather unusual scent in late summer and small, black berries in autumn. It needs regular watering three times a week.

    Privet grows rapidly and needs clipping every two to three weeks in the summer months. Growth slows down and stops in September, after which the shrub will retain its shape until next spring.All parts of the plant are toxic and may cause severe discomfort if eaten

    Pot size (litres) : 45 (litres)