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Eriobotrya Coppertone (Loquat Tree) – Bush

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Prized for its handsome evergreen foliage Eriobotrya Coppertone is a broad, spreading tree or large shrub/bush from eastern Asia. The large, oval, deeply veined leaves of ‘Coppertone’ are pinkish tan when new. The mature leaves are glossy dark green above and pale and felted below. This hybrid bears steepled clusters of fragrant but unimpressive pink flowers in late autumn.

It does well in moist, well-drained soils in full sun to partial shade. Protect the tree from wind. Heavily fruited branches may break under the weight, and removal of a percentage of fruits leads to fewer but larger fruits at harvest. ‘Coppertone’ makes a great feature or espalier plant and works well in informal hedges, orchards or mixed borders.