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Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd (White Cedar) – Spiral

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Product Description
These emerald green conifers have been sculpted into a beautiful twist.

The slender shape of our White Cedar Emerald Spirals will bring a sense of modern elegance to your garden. Their leaves hold their colour well all-year-round and release a pleasantly sweet aroma. These White Cedar Emerald Spirals are also one of the hardiest Topiary Plants we sell here at GardenPlantsOnline – coping well with cold and windy weather, as well as extended periods of drought.

Topiary is the art of clipping trees and shrubs into shapes and is as old as gardening itself – dating all the way back to ancient Egypt. These days, Topiary Plants are used in both classical and contemporary gardens, and as they can be grown in large pots, they are the ideal choice for patios and urban locations. All of our Topiary Plants allow you to style your garden in a range of different ways, not just because of their varied shapes, but also because of the colour and texture of their foliage. They can add structure to your design by acting as focal-points beside entrances and archways, or to accentuate pathways and patios.

Latin Name: Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd and also Thuja Occidentalis Emerald
English Name: White Cedar Emerald, White Cedar Smaragd, American Arborvitae, Emerald Green Cedar
Species: Conifer
Genus: Thuja (part of the Cedrus/Cedar and Cupressaceae/Cypress families)

Foliage Type: Evergreen.
Foliage: Green.
Flower: Green Cones.
Flowering Period: Summer.

Suggested Location: Outdoor.
Suggested Soil Type: Well-Drained. Chalk. Clay. Loam. Sand.
Suggested Exposure to Sunlight: Full Sunlight.
Suggested Exposure to Weather: Sheltered or Exposed.
Hardiness Rating: High (H6)
Lowest Temperature Tolerance: -20 °C to -15 °C (-4 °F to 5 °F)
Suggested Uses: Ornamental. Specimen. Architectural. Large Pots. Modern and Courtyard styles.
Maintenance: Trim each year in late-summer to preserve spiral shape. Protect against Scale Insects.

Growth Habit: Upright/Columnar.
Growth Speed: Medium (20cm to 40cm per year).
Starting Height: 140cm to 200cm (4.6 ft to 6.6 ft)
Final Height: 300cm (9.8 ft)
Starting Sideways Spread: 30cm to 50cm (1.0 ft to 1.6 ft)
Final Sideways Spread: 100cm (3.3 ft)

Pot Included: 30 Litre Plastic Pot (36cm) to 70 Litre Plastic Pot (46cm)
Height including Pot: 176cm to 246cm (5.8 ft to 8.1 ft)
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