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Laurus Nobilis (Bay Tree) – Shrub

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Laurus nobilis, also known as the bay laurel, bay tree, true laurel or Grecian laurel tree is a popular fragrant evergreen shrub suitable for containers or planted in the ground as a small tree. The bay tree has a noble history. It was sacred to the god Apollo and laurel wreaths were worn by poets and emperors in ancient Greece and Rome. Bay leaves can be used fresh or dried in cooking to give a fragrant flavour to soups and stews. Small greenish-yellow male or female flowers are produced in spring, followed by black berries on female plants


The Laurel tree withstands temperatures down to -5C but frost and cold winds can damage the foliage. Container plants should be brought indoors in winter or protected with fleece. Pots should be bubble wrapped to prevent roots of container-grown plants freezing through the pot.

Laurus Nobilis tree