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Taxus Baccata (English Yew) – 3 Balls

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A striking 3 ball topiary fashioned from Taxus baccata (English Yew), arguably the best topiary species on account of its long life, dense dark green foliage and its ability to tolerate very severe pruning. The slow growth rate of English Yew means an added advantage as yew topiary only needs to be clipped once a year in late summer to maintain its shape.

Taxus baccata known as the English Yew is a conifer native to western, central and southern Europe. The bark is thin, scaly brown, coming off in small flakes aligned with the stem. The leaves are lanceolate, flat, dark green and very poisonous if eaten, even when dead and dried. The seed cones are highly modified, each cone containing a single seed surrounded by a fleshy red rim.