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Ligustrum Jonandrum – 3 Balls / Pom Poms

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This stunning topiary is made from clipped Ligustrum Jonandrum (3 Balls / Pom Poms) to form three balls or Pom poms in a choice of sizes. (see Table below)

Shape Height Diameter, cm Note Pot size, lt
3 Balls 150 35/40
3 Balls 180 45/50
P.Pon 120/+ 40/50 3 Balls 65
P.Pon 120/140 3/4 Balls 25

Lingustrum jonandrum is a hardy evergreen shrub with small, oval dark green leaves, producing abundant creamy white flowers with a rather unusual scent in late summer and small, black berries in autumn. It needs regular watering three times a week. All parts of the plant are toxic and may cause severe discomfort if eaten.