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Cupressus Arizonica Fastigiata – Pom Pon (Blue Arizona Cypress)

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Charming pom pon topiary available in two heights 120/140 and 180/200 cm – fashioned from Cupressus arizonica ‘Fastigiata’ (Arizona cypress). Cupressus arizonica is a tall fully hardy perennial evergreen conifer. It has bright blue foliage that dulls slightly to blue-grey with age and is considered one of the best formal blue conifers available.

Arizona cypress has average drought tolerance and watering requirements. It needs a minimum of 160 frost free days to grow successfully. Growth rate is moderate, reaching around 7m in 20 years Cupressus arizonica ‘Fastigiata’ grows in any soil type that is neutral to alkaline and prefers low fertility.