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Bambusa Pleioblastus Viridistriatus Auricoma (Dwarf Greenstripe Bamboo)

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Product Description
A beautifully patterned bamboo shrub that will give your garden a tropical quality.

The ribbon-like leaves of Dwarf Green Stripe Bamboo are wider than other members of the Pleioblastus family, which is great for showing-off their yellow and green decorations. These colours will become more pronounced if the plant is grown in a sunny location. Not as vigorous as its relatives, it can still be used for ground cover (if you are patient), but it is more at home in containers and rock gardens.

Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plant-types. Traditionally from Asia, its hardiness means it can actually be grown very easily in Britain – visitors to your garden will be surprised and impressed to see it there. As a forest plant, it appreciates a steady supply of moisture and compost. And as an enthusiastic grower, you should give Bamboo room to expand, we suggest placing infant plants about 100cm apart.

Latin Name: Bambusa Pleioblastus Viridistriatus
English Name: Dwarf Green Stripe Bamboo, Pigmy Greenstripe, Arundinaria Auricoma, Kamuro Zasa
Species: Poaceae
Genus: Pleioblastus

Foliage Type: Evergreen
Foliage: Green and Yellow.
Flower: n/a
Flowering Period: n/a

Suggested Location: Indoors or Outdoor.
Suggested Soil Type: Moist and Well-Drained. Clay. Loam. Sand.
Suggested Exposure to Sunlight: Full Sunlight.
Suggested Exposure to Weather: Sheltered.
Hardiness Rating: High (H5)
Lowest Temperature Tolerance: -15 °C to -10 °C (5 °F to 14 °F)
Suggested Uses: Containers. Ground Cover. Specimen. Ornamental. Bonsai Art.
Maintenance: Apply liquid fertiliser regularly. Needs good drainage if grown in pots or containers. Use hard underground barriers to control root growth. Cut back heavily in early spring. Protect against slugs.

Growth Habit: Bushy/Shrub.
Growth Speed: Medium (20cm to 40cm per year)
Starting Height: 20cm to 50cm (0.7 ft to 1.6 ft)
Final Height: 70cm (2.3 ft)
Starting Sideways Spread: 15cm to 25cm (0.5 ft to 0.8 ft)
Final Sideways Spread: 150cm (4.9 ft)

Pot Included: 5 Litre Plastic Pot to 7 Litre Plastic Pot
Height including Pot: 38cm to 70cm (1.3 ft to 2.3 ft)
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